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Snowy sidewalks deter customers

Published 10:43am Monday, February 24, 2014

Last Sunday, Feb. 16, after church I went with my son, his wife, a grandson, and another son to a local restaurant on the east side of town.

Whoever cleans their sidewalks does a terrible job.

I commented about the condition of the sidewalk to a woman who was on the way out. She had already complained to the staff because one of their party fell on the way in. She asked me to say something about the lack of snow removal as well.

While we waited in the entryway for a table, I talked to management explaining that the way the sidewalk was covered with snow. I said some people coming here using walkers, crutches and wheelchairs would have difficulties maneuvering their equipment on the sidewalk. Even people who can walk normally would have problems.

After we got seated I noticed the table next to ours had a person in a wheelchair. I asked if they had trouble getting into the restaurant. The lady in the wheelchair said it was terrible getting into the restaurant. I asked them to inform the management about the unacceptable sidewalk conditions.

I think it is very poor for a business to have their sidewalks covered with snow and ice like these were.


Roger Panzer

Albert Lea