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Editorial: Thumbs

Published 7:10am Sunday, March 30, 2014


thumbupTo die-hard bike riders.

People who commute to work on bicycles in the summer and fall are admirable. People who commute on bicycles in winter and spring are tough. It’s bitter cold in the winter, and the movement of the bike creates windchill. Of course, the road surfaces keep changing. They can be slippery with ice or compacted snow. Sand and gravel covers the space near the curbs. And in the spring, like this time of year, conditions change daily because of the freeze-thaw cycle. In the morning, the road is icy, and in the afternoon, it can be wet, causing water from the wheels to fly up onto the rider. No wonder motorists are puzzled to see people riding bikes this time of year. And no wonder most bike riders stick to the warm months.


thumbdownTo more sex offenders in Albert Lea.

It used to be just five or six years ago that when the police officers or sheriff’s deputies held an informational meeting about a Level 3 sex offender moving to the community, the place they held it was packed. Sometimes, a state Department of Corrections official would attend, too. It was a big deal. Nowadays, Albert Leans have become accustomed to them re-entering the community after serving time. Few attend the meetings. After April 1, there will be five living in the city and another near Gordonsville. Almost always, they are either from here or have family here. They didn’t just pick Albert Lea at random. The general public, despite decreased concern, still need to know who these people are. And police say most of them knew their victims. The lesson: Don’t become friends with the sex offenders. Easy enough, right?


thumbupTo teenagers who hold down a part-time job.

There are many places a person can go in Albert Lea and see teenagers hard at work. They do a great job of providing a smile and quality customer service. They make us and many others think about what a good future lies ahead. No wonder Midwestern kids get recruited to work all over the country. What company wouldn’t want someone from the states with the best education system? It’s good praise for Midwestern parents and teachers, too. Keep up the good work, kids. You have a good reputation in this city.


thumbupTo Vietnam War veterans.

The country celebrated Vietnam Veterans Day on Saturday, honoring all those soldiers who served in the Vietnam War. Saturday marked the 41st year since the last American troops left Vietnam. Thank you, area veterans who served in this war. We also give a special tribute to those from Freeborn County who were killed in action in Vietnam: Byron A. Bangert, Roger C. Bangert, Charles E. Barnick, Wayne F. Bolton, Steven L. Green, Donald W. McNamara, James L. Nelson, Gerald Newbrough, Richard D. O’Daffer, David J. Ohm, Barry A. Olson, David L. Parker, David F. Peak, Marvin L. Ringoen and Billy D. Weitzel.