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Outlawing guns won’t solve issue

Published 10:36am Monday, July 21, 2014

I read a recent letter to the editor asking for more gun control — again.

Where do I begin? Do too many people die in the U.S. from being at the wrong end of a firearm? Yes, no argument about that. Does every law-abiding citizen want to remove guns from the hands of murderers and criminals? Another yes.

Here is where our problem lies. How can we get guns out of murderers’ and criminals’ hands? Congress passing more laws won’t make that happen. Murderers and criminals don’t obey the laws, hence the descriptions murderers and criminals. I believe the District of Columbia and Chicago have some of the strictest gun-control laws in our nation and yet have very high rates of gun-related violence.

Gun control isn’t really about the gun; it takes a person to load the ammunition into that firearm and pull the trigger. So our gun-violence problem is really about the people using guns to commit these crimes. If there were no guns in the world, I suspect that these same murderers and criminals would find another weapon to use. Knives, swords, explosives, bow and arrows are all very deadly and have been used in the past to commit violence. How about that car that many of us drive peacefully down the road? A motor vehicle could be a very deadly weapon. Getting rid of all guns will only give violence a new descriptive phrase.

Inanimate objects are not to blame for our problems. We don’t have a gun problem, we have a people/criminal problem.

Personally for me, the gun control debate is getting old. We can regulate all we want, but it still won’t stop a criminal from being a criminal.

In the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave we do have this little thing called the Second Amendment, which reads “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

To end my rant, we need to change people, not outlaw inanimate objects and our freedoms.


John Berglund

Albert Lea

  • Gus


  • Wayne Thorson

    Johnny oh Johnny where do I begin? If you look at your headline OUTLAWING GUNS WON’T SOLVE THE ISSUE. There is nobody trying to outlaw guns. They are just trying to keep guns out of all the felons hands. Nobody is trying to take your guns unless you are a felon. The purpose of background checks would help detouring them from getting their hands on one. Anyone selling a gun to a felon would be responsible for what he does with it. If he kills someone some of the responsibility would be on the seller. Right now they have no responsibility. It should be just like someone that furnishes liquor to a minor and he goes out and kills someone. Those firearms dealers try everything to put fear into weak minded people. They bought out that do nothing congress to get them to vote the way they did. I think it is terrible after we vote politicians to office and they don’t do our bidding. In the National poll that was taken 91% of the voters wanted background checks and those crooked politicians got bought off. Anyone with common sense can see this and if you can’t you have a very weak mind. To end my rant you can’t change felons minds we can only do our best to keep temptation out of their hands.

  • Angry1

    Bless your little heart comrade thorson,

    Your response probably is the worst to date, filled with massive quantities barnyard residue and propaganda that only a true true collectivist could appreciate your arrogance on the subject matter is stunning while claiming that everybody else is weak minded.

    1. Nobody is trying to take your guns this is the most egregious of your completely bombastic claims for a rebuttal I present the following:

     “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them . . . ‘Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ‘em all in,’ I would have done it.” Feinstein told the Associated Press

    I will also include this little gem of wisdom from the same person “Banning guns addresses a fundamental right of all Americans to feel safe”

    2. Here is a little sound bite from New Jersey not so long ago when they were caught on an open mic “confiscate confiscate confiscate”

    3. U.S. Attorney Eric Holder announcing a public campaign to ”really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.” Holder was addressing the Woman’s National Democratic Club that was in 1995.

    4.How about this little gem that the DFL tried to ram though not that long ago or have you forgotten?

    (c) Registered assault weapons may not be purchased or transferred, except for 
    10.2transfer to the appropriate law enforcement agency for the purpose of surrendering the 
    10.3weapon for destruction.
    10.4(d) The registered owner or possessor of an assault weapon may not purchase 
    10.5additional assault weapons.
    10.6(e) The appropriate law enforcement agency may charge a fee for each registration 
    10.7and registration renewal pursuant to this subdivision.
    10.8(f) Persons acquiring an assault weapon by inheritance, bequest, or succession shall, 
    10.9within 120 days of acquiring title, do one of the following:
    10.10(1) surrender the weapon to a law enforcement agency for destruction; or
    10.11(2) modify the weapon to render it permanently inoperable.
    10.12(g) Each chief of police and sheriff shall do the following regarding assault weapons 
    10.13registered under this subdivision:
    10.14(1) adopt regulations specifying how a person who registers a weapon shall safely 
    10.15and securely store it when it is not being used;
    10.16(2) implement a policy of inspecting the storage of weapons; and
    10.17(3) conduct background checks and implement a registration system.
    10.18EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective September 1, 2013, and applies 
    10.19to crimes committed on or after that date.

    You know as well as I do it’s all about control of the population making laws to restrict the “little people” as it’s for their own good meanwhile consolidating power among the elected few you know what is strange comrade thorson, the same thing is happening with the wealth today weird uhh.

    Comrade thorson while you are busy starching the beige shirt polishing your boots ask yourself this. What gives me the right to use the force of government to oppress the people that I disagree with by using regulatory actions.

    The background check would not have stopped Newtown in matter of fact oppressive gun control has been a failure it distracts from the core issues of economic failure and social failure in areas dominated by democrat control example Chicago the presidents home town. Mob rule is for the weakminded it’s time to think and address the core issues while respecting everybody’s individual liberty and rights.

    Finally, if we are all about reducing temptation

    Let’s ban spoons and forks at all you can eat buffets that will reduce the temptation of people eating too much also let’s ban lead for pencils it will reduce misspelling of words like wronge!

    Have a collective day my friend!

    • Wayne Thorson

      Randy, All this propaganda was put out by the firearms companies to put fear in weak minded people. Reread it and think about it.

  • Angry1

    Seriously wayne…….It’s all politicians except for holder he is D.O.J. it is what it is and yes I did re-read it and don’t see any error in my post the only thing that i neglected is the mass murderers and what they have in common most were on -> mind altering drugs <- core issue!

    Understand if you remove an tool too be used their are other tools that can be used to achieve the same results or worse the issue is the person and environment also need to include a respect for due process not an easy problem to solve.

  • Wayne Thorson

    Randy, I don’t see one thing in your humoungest comment that even touches on what the background check was meant for. It is supposed to detour felons from getting their hands on guns. Do you believe that felons should have 2nd Amendment rights like everyone else? Can you in any way defend that do nothing congress for voting against what 91% of the people wish to happen? Your comment has a whole lot to do about nothing.

  • sdson77

    Wayne your comment is about outlawing guns. Your 2nd sentence you say(There is nobody trying to outlaw guns.) Randy was simply showing you that a Minnesota Democratic State Representative was doing just that. 2ndly. As I pointed out in another letter comment section. 1.7% of guns felons get comes from private dealers or gun shows. We have background checks now with form 4473, and if the federal government would get off their lazy butt and just prosecuted people who lie on this form, a big reason felons get guns would be eliminated. Adding another background check on top of the one we have now will not make a difference in felons getting guns.

  • sdson77

    By the way Wayne. 60% of people don’t even know we have background checks now with form 4473. If they knew we had background checks and that the federal government was not prosecuting people that lie on the background check, that is what they would be clamoring for Wayne. Under your president Obama prosecutions for lieing on form 4473 fell from 11015 under Bush in 2004 to 7774 in 2012 under Obama. If your president is so intent on keeping guns out of felons hands, why didn’t he escalate the prosecution of people who lie on form 4473 instead of reduce it? For a man who wants more background checks why doesn’t his administration prosecute more people on this issue? Enforce the laws we have, will make a big difference.

  • Wayne Thorson

    Jeffery Jeffery my boy, Why do you want make this issue a bipartisan issue. There are just as many Liberals with guns as there are Conservatives. It was a Conservative congress that voted down back ground checks. I can’t figure out why you are against this unless you are a felon. Those so called back ground checks they have now are as good as not having any. It should be illegal for me to sell my own personal firearm to a felon just like a dealer at a gun show. If that background check would have passed those 60% of people that don’t know we have a background check law would then know because of people like you that are so brainwashed that you are going to lose your firearm because of it. Those firearms dealers really did a good job of putting fear into your head that wasn’t true. I don’t know for the life of me what you are afraid of unless you are a felon. You should be as upset as I am that when 91% of the people that took that poll got bought out by those firearms dealers. Which made that a crooked congress and if you don’t believe that I have a bridge in Arizona I want to sell you. Again I say the law is about not giving 2nd amendment rights to felons not you.