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Glaziers have been a fine influence

Published 9:36am Friday, August 15, 2014

Editor’s note: This letter was sent after the deadline for election-related letters. The writer requested that it print nevertheless, now that the primary election is over.


As the grandfather of Stephen, who is being raised by my sister Brenda and her husband Dale Glazier, I offer the following about Dale. I will keep it short and simple.

Stephen was in a family situation here in Arizona that was getting worse by the day. He has three other siblings. His parents wisely chose to get him out of a bad situation and give him a chance in life. That is to go to Minnesota.

Brenda and Dale were aware of the situation ahead of the decision to send him to Minnesota. My son (Stephen’s father) asked me to call “the relatives in Minnesota” that were willing to take care of him. Initially one of his sisters was to go also, but those plans changed.

When I called Brenda to confirm sending Stephen she instantly responded “Yes, send (them)”!

Dale was bear hunting that weekend, and I asked Brenda if she should talk to Dale first. Her response was they already talked and he agrees. Upon Dale’s return home from hunting I called to confirm. His response was not expected.

He stated “There is only one thing wrong with this picture, and that is all four kids were not coming.” Brenda and Dale did not have to give up their freedom. They had a very casual life to come and go as they pleased. But instead they chose that they would do whatever it took to give those kids a chance in life.

Stephen arrived in Minnesota from Arizona two grades behind his level. He is now on the honor roll and, thanks to Brenda and Dale, the folks of Freeborn County and the state of Minnesota, he is doing very well. He is on his way to the Minnesota State Fair for his Freeborn County 4-H project. Thanks Brenda and Dale, other family members and all of Freeborn County that have assisted in my grandson’s life. I grew up in Wells, so I know the healthy lifestyle Minnesota has to offer. Thank you!


Rick Nowak

Tucson, Ariz