Alexandra Kloster


Miley Cyrus didn’t look mature at VMAs

Column: Pass the Hot Dish, by Alexandra Kloster Friends, I broke down today and watched the Miley Cyrus performance from this year’s MTV Video Music ... Read more

We need a 1-dish toy solution for babies

Column: Pass the Hot Dish, by Alexandra Kloster In times of chaos the one dish meal is king. A birth in the family? Congratulations, here’s ... Read more

Living in a plastic bubble might not be bad

Remember that TV movie from the 1970s about the boy who was born with an immune system that was all kerflooey and he had to ... Read more

Baby books on classic literature are a joy

My best friend, Christina, knows when I need a good scratch. Last weekend two beautifully illustrated copies of “Romeo and Juliet” and “Pride and Prejudice” ... Read more