Editorial Roundup

Editorials from newspapers around the state of Minnesota.

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Fools and fast cars are a dangerous mix

The dozen witless wonders who decided to turn a Twin Cities interstate into a racetrack last weekend no doubt can afford the fines that should ... Read more

Editorial: Prince: ‘Mpls. sound’ will ring

Like bells on Christmas morning, Prince songs were blasting through boomboxes, nightclubs and cafe patios in Minnesota Thursday night and Friday morning. And that’s just ... Read more

Editorial: Affordable theater for all

A night out to see live theater can be exhilarating and engaging in a way that even the most action-packed movie could never approach. But ... Read more

Editorial: Tax burden is not improving

Every year about this time we cannot help but recall a story from the week known to Christians as Holy Week. It’s not just that ... Read more