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Birth Announcements

Pat and Cassie O’Connor of Albert Lea announce the birth of a son, Emmerson Ronald O’Connor. Emmerson was born Feb. 28, 2014, at Mayo Clinic ... Read more

Pelican poetry from Silverstein, Lear and Merritt

Pelican poetry from Silverstein, Lear and Merritt

My neighbor Crandall stops by. “How are you doing?” I ask. “Everything is nearly copacetic. My memory’s not as sharp as it used to be. Also, my ... Read more

Campus Notes

Lani Elizabeth Ann Hanson of Albert Lea will be among University of Nebraska-Lincoln undergraduate students honored in conjunction with UNL’s All-University Honors Convocation April 13. ... Read more

You Can Help

The following are some of the volunteer opportunities currently open in Freeborn County.  If you can help with any of them or would like to ... Read more

Gardening challenges, remedies

Gardening challenges, remedies

Over the past few years those of us living in the Midwest have been faced with some gardening challenges that have made us scramble to ... Read more