Tales From Exit 22

Do the needful thing and label your photos

I just spent some time in my family’s historical museum. It’s a nice place. Admission is free. The exhibits are laid out in a haphazard ... Read more

I swear that this is almost like swearing

“Egad! Tarnation! Jumping Jehoshaphat! Dadgum! Jeepers creepers! Dagnab it! Fiddlesticks! Great Scott!” That wasn’t what he said. That wasn’t even close to what he said while he ... Read more

Watch out for that dip in the road up ahead

What bugs you about other drivers? Insure.com found that 47 percent disliked other drivers using cellphones. Tailgating — 37 percent. Not signaling — 35 percent. Changing ... Read more

Life is often like a demolition derby

Call it what you want, it’s a place I visit regularly. It’s a nursing home, care center or rest home. It’s a wonderful place where no one ... Read more

Animals can do some unbelievable things

I listened to the radio. The bed had been warm and my pillow cold. That perfect combination made it hard to rise. I said a little prayer, ... Read more