Accreditation renewal: ‘No

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 3, 1999


Wednesday, November 03, 1999

A nine-month accreditation process ended in good news for Riverland Community College’s physical therapy assistant program. A three-member board has reviewed the college’s application and deemed there were no deficiencies in the program.

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Sue Howard, PTA program director, said she had spent nine months compiling the information for the process.

&uot;I had to prepare a document like this,&uot; Howard said pointing to a large binder notebook, &uot;that told how we set up the program, what our resources are, the curriculum and how we evaluate the program and the students.&uot;

In addition to the large application document, Howard said she had two crates of support documentation on site while the team visited last week.

&uot;They came around to see if we’re on the right track and looked for any red flags,&uot; Howard said.

Though a lengthy process, Howard said everyone benefits.

&uot;Personally, I learned a lot. I actually enjoyed the whole thing. It was a good experience to grow and learn,&uot; she said.

And as the only accredited PTA program in southern Minnesota, Riverland and the Albert Lea community also gain, she said.

&uot;It certainly attracts more students to the area,&uot; Howard said. &uot;Probably all of the PTAs working in the community came from the area.&uot;

As other graduates look to various communities, they will &uot;spread the word about Albert Lea,&uot; Howard added.

Plus, the college is considering distance learning in the future.

&uot;It’s hard because there’s so much lab work,&uot; Howard said. &uot;But we could have the lecture on the Internet and have them come in for labs.&uot;

Students are also required to do three clinical rotations – one at a nursing home, another at a hospital, and a third in the health care area of their preference.

&uot;We’re also collaborating with the other three health sciences in Austin,&uot; Howard said. &uot;Collaboration is critical in health care today. The key word is teamwork.&uot;

Currently there are 45 students in the program, with 25 graduating in December. New classes start in January.