Doubling up

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 19, 2001

For years, Kyle Zogg has been climbing on his big sister Bethany.

Sunday, August 19, 2001

For years, Kyle Zogg has been climbing on his big sister Bethany.

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But now they’ve put it to good use.

The two perform a conventional doubles routine on water skis for the Albert Lea BaySide Skiers. They were the youngest doubles pair at the 2001 Division II Show Ski Nationals Tournament Aug. 5 in Evansdale, Iowa. They were also the only pair where the girl did the skiing while the boy did the moves on her shoulders.

&uot;I wanted to try something new,&uot; said Bethany, 13. &uot;Kyle said he’d try it.&uot;

Kyle, 6, began doing doubles with his dad, Brian, last year. The two perform together at the BaySide pre-show.

The doubles pairs do everything from front angels to tear drops and side lifts and sits to a move Kyle named himself: the hanging star.

&uot;When I was on the water I used my head instead of thinking,&uot; he said of the hanging star. &uot;Then I came up with the name.&uot;

The whole Zogg family has been active with the ski club for the last four years. Bethany said her dad skied a couple of times when he was younger, but got serious about it when joining the club. He does barefoot, doubles and pyramid routines in the show.

Bethany said she learned most of her ski skills from her dad and from the club. She performs in the ballet line, both conventional and strap doubles with Brian, and in pyramids. She also wakeboards and kneeboards and skis barefoot on the boom alongside the boat.

Kyle can two-ski, ski barefoot on the boom, kneeboard and wakeboard. &uot;I can slalom with someone bracing me,&uot; he said. &uot;I want to try straps.&uot;

Mom Deanne is the boat driving captain of the ski club, but Bethany said she does occasionally ski with the family. &uot;She says she skis as much as she wants to,&uot; Bethany added.

Brother Kevin, 10, does wakeboarding, kneeboarding and slalom skiing. He was a spotter and Even the youngest Zogg, Aaron, who is 2, has done kneeboard doubles with his sister.

&uot;He was ecstatic,&uot; Bethany said. &uot;He’ll say, ‘Hit it, Dad!’&uot;

The Zoggs love skiing because it is something they can do as a family, Bethany said. It’s the family’s main form of summer recreation.

&uot;We have a lot of good friends in the ski club,&uot; she added.

How long will the siblings continue to do their routine?

&uot;Until we can switch&uot; and Bethany can perform the moves while Kyle skis.