Schwab will press for flag appreciation act

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 21, 2001

From staff reports


Friday, September 21, 2001

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ST. PAUL – The recent surge of patriotism in the nation is good news to a group of Minnesota state senators, and they want to see the feeling last among Minnesota’s youth.

Sen. Grace Schwab (R- Albert Lea) and four other members of the Senate plan to reintroduce legislation called the Flag Appreciation Act, which they hope will instill patriotism in young people.

The idea to bring flag appreciation and respect to the schools is not new, Schwab said. In fact, similar legislation was passed by the House last year, but blocked by the Senate Education Committee. Schwab thinks the act will have a better chance of passing the Senate in the 2002 session.

Supporters of the act think the flag represents the freedoms the country has fought to preserve and has provided a strong foundation upon which Americans lean in crisis.

&uot;I have been so proud of our nation over the past week and see no reason to let the renewed patriotism slip away,&uot; Schwab said. &uot;Teaching our kids to understand the symbolism and importance of the American flag is a worthy goal.&uot;

Schwab said the new feeling of national unity is at least one good thing to come out of the horrible events of Sept. 11.

Schwab appointed to airline committee

Sen. Grace Schwab, R-Albert Lea, Thursday was appointed to serve on the newly formed Select Committee on Air Transportation and Economic Security by Senate Republican Leader Dick Day (R-Owatonna).

The Select Committee on Air Transportation and Economic Security was formed to examine the role of the state in providing short-term or long-term options to help airlines and their employees headquartered in Minnesota recover from the financial aftermath of the terrorist attacks.