Western Grocer demolition may start by May 10

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 18, 2002

Bids for tearing down the Western Grocer Building were opened Wednesday, and if approved by the county commissioners, the winner could start the demolition as early as May 10.

The lowest base bid amount among six companies participating was $117,568.15, and the highest was $353,857.

The lowest bidder does not automatically become the winner.

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Along with the base amount, the bidders submitted possible increments in their total cost. If these adjustments were added, the order of bidding prices would be different.

The county also has discretion not to choose the lowest bidder if it finds any deficiency in the feasibility of their proposal.

With assistance from Boarman, Kroos, Vogel (BKV) Group and the County Attorney’s Office, the county will scrutinize the specifics of each proposal to select the winner. Then, the county board will make a final decision.

The county requires the project to be completed no later than the end of August. The demolition will be conducted by closing Pearl Street between South Broadway and Newton Avenue.