Callers to jail hotline mostly ask for changes

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Freeborn County officials have counted up the telephone calls on the Criminal Justice Center Hotline, and the majority of calls seemed to want the county’s plan tweaked.

Of 46 calls, 16 expressed support for building the new jail, according to it. Five explicitly said that they do not want the new facility.

As for the 1954 administrative wing, 18 showed a preference to remove it, while eight opposed the move, mainly because of concerns about the cost.

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Some have suggested that the county add another floor to the new judicial center to accommodate offices from the ’54 building, which they say is outdated and poorly designed.

Fifteen callers mentioned that they want the county to restore the 1888 old courthouse, including a bell tower it used to have on top.

County Administrator Ron Gabrielsen said those opinions will help the commissioners make their decision on the construction plan. All of the calls received so far have been transcribed and handed to them.

The number of the hotline is (507) 377-5199. The county also has an e-mail address for gathering opinions about the courthouse issue, which is