Mark Anderson considers run for mayor

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 3, 2002

Mayor Bob Haukoos’s decision to not seek a second term came as a surprise to many, including City Manager Paul Sparks.

&uot;I wasn’t expecting it,&uot; Sparks said. He found out when he came to work and found a copy of Haukoos’s announcement on his desk.

Sparks also wasn’t expecting any decisions on a city election to be made this early in the year. Haukoos said he intentionally decided to announce early, so that potential candidates would have plenty of time to make their own decisions.

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Council member George Marin said he is disappointed, but understands the reasons behind the decision.

&uot;I think he’s doing a good job as mayor and I would have liked to see him continue. But I can understand his situation, wanting to enjoy retirement and see his grandchildren,&uot; said Marin.

The decision to not seek a second term also surprised Mark Anderson, Haukoos’s main opponent in the last election, who had praise for Haukoos’s work as mayor over the past 18 months.

&uot;He’s done well. But he couldn’t have picked a tougher time to be mayor, with the Farmland fire and the economic problems in the country,&uot; Anderson said.

With Haukoos’s announcement, Anderson said he has started seriously considering another run at the job, but will need time to think about it before he’s ready to decide. He sees that many things in the community have changed over the past two years, and priorities will have to shift to reflect that. He said continued economic development in the whole region is vital to Albert Lea’s success.

Haukoos’s decision means that there will be no incumbent in the position for the second election cycle in a row. Two years ago, after Mayor Marv Wangen’s decision to step down, eight candidates campaigned for the position before Haukoos and Anderson emerged from the primary election.