Reward offered in pizza driver assault

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 22, 2002

A late-night pizza delivery put an Albert Lea man in peril Monday.

A delivery driver from Domino’s Pizza, Nicholas Joseph Nesse, 19, was ambushed by two men before midnight on Monday in the driveway at 106 West 11th St., according to the Albert Lea Police Department.

One of the attackers hit Nesse on the head with an axe handle. The driver had to be airlifted to St. Marys Hospital in Rochester through the Albert Lea Medical Center.

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Both suspects were hiding behind a parked car and attacked when Nesse was walking toward the house. Nesse told the police that they covered their faces with ski masks and goggles.

The suspects took away a small amount of change Nesse had in his pocket and the pizza he was carrying, and fled on foot. The axe handle was left at the scene.

A K-9 unit was called in from the Mower County Sheriff’s Office, but the police could not find a trace of the suspects.

The investigators found out the call to order the pizza was placed from a pay phone. It was a female voice asking to deliver the pizza to 106 East 11th Street.

A delivery person went to the address, but found no house there. A second call by the same voice corrected the address to the West 11th Street, and Nesse was assigned for the delivery.

The ALPD, Southside Business Association and Domino’s Pizza are offering a reward up to $3,000 for information that leads to the arrest or conviction of the suspects.