Editorial: Candidates and voters share responsibilities

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Whatever the motivating factor, it’s great to see so many area residents filing for political office, from the sheriff’s race, to Soil and Water District supervisors to mayoral candidates.

Overcoming fear of potential voter disapproval and defeat takes great courage and our hats are off to all the candidates.

Candidates and their beliefs are put under a microscope for all to see and critique and whenever there is more than one candidate, it’s a given there will be losers. Knowing that outcome is inevitable makes it more admirable that anyone would run for office.

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Candidates should expect voters to hold them accountable and ask tough questions, expecting knowledgeable answers from those they are choosing as leaders. That’s how the best person for the job is chosen. A lively debate between the candidates and the voters is invigorating.

Candidates who take offense to those tough questions should reconsider running for office.

Voters also have a responsibility to learn what they can about the candidates and then get out on election day and make their choice. Non-voters complaining about the winner of an election have no room to complain.

Let’s hope as the political season swings into gear, that candidates have thick skins and voters are kind when asking the tough questions.