Two former residents hoping their comedy album makes a splash

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 6, 2002

A former Albert Lea resident and his brother are hoping to make it big in the comedy world, and their first professional recording has plenty of connections to Freeborn County.

Andrew Madrid, who produced the album with his brother Aaron, said he wrote most of the album, &uot;There’s Been Some Sort of Mistake,&uot; on Aquarium Records, during his four-year stay in Albert Lea, when he served as a youth director at Grace Christian Church.

The cover of the album even features a Freeborn County reference: police mug shots of the brothers &045; one in a gorilla suit and one in an Easter Bunny outfit. You can see the words &uot;Freeborn County&uot; on the bottom of the photos.

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The pair actually went into the Freeborn County Law Enforcement Center early one morning and the police helped them get the photos taken. &uot;They were real good about it,&uot; Andrew said.

Andrew moved to Lafayette, Indiana this year after his downtown Albert Lea business, The Beefy Meat Shop, closed. He was also former owner of the SpudBurgers restaurant at Northbridge Mall. He even ran for mayor of Albert Lea in 2000, mostly as a joke.

The album, the duo’s first professional effort, features a strange blend of sketch comedy and music. Songs include &uot;Johnny Sprocket,&uot; about the self-proclaimed &uot;greatest racer in the world&uot; and his car with no wheels. &uot;He never really goes to any races, because he’s too good for that,&uot; Andrew said.

Another song is &uot;Golden Fluffy Loaves of Love,&uot; a Barry White-esque R&B ballad centering on the singer’s love for Twinkies.

&uot;Some of it’s kind of obscure,&uot; Andrew said of the album’s humor. &uot;You’re not going to get it, and that’s kind of the point.&uot;

Somebody must get it: Two of the album’s songs will be featured on the nationally syndicated &uot;Dr. Demento Show,&uot; a showcase of bizarre musical and spoken humor. The duo’s songs were to air Saturday and tonight. More information about the program can be found at

The album is on sale in larger cities nationwide, but the brothers have been working to get it on shelves in Albert Lea, but so far without success. The album is available online at