Courthouse project could top $25 million

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 20, 2002

The total cost of a new courthouse complex project is $23 million and, adding extra costs for equipment and furniture, it would exceed $25 million, architects told the county board Monday.

According to Mark Liska of Adolfson & Peterson Construction, the total cost consists of $19.8 million for the criminal justice center; $1.75 million for renovation of the oldest portion of the courthouse; and $1.42 million for a 14,500 square-foot addition that will replace the 1954 annex the board decided to demolish.

Liska also exhibited costs that potentially need to be added to the bill, which includes phone and data systems, furniture and equipment, and asbestos abatement in the old courthouse. They require typically 10 to 12 percent of construction cost, Liska said, and he presented $2.13 million as a rough figure.

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Liska pointed out that the cost may increase at the rate of 3.5 percent annually, and recommended the county to take action sooner. &uot;The market rate is extremely favorable. Contractors are very hungry, and the interest rate is very low,&uot; he said.

Jack Boarman of BKV Group presented the final specifications for the floor area:

– Detention center, including jail, booking area and sally port: 46,000 square feet.

– The rest of the criminal justice center, consisting of the new structure and remodeled current law enforcement center building: 98,000 square feet.

– The old courthouse: 23,000 square feet.

The plan does not include the Department of Motor Vehicles and Department of Corrections, non-county departments that currently use space in the courthouse. But Boarman said a 1,800 square-foot space on the mezzanine level between the lower level and first floor is reserved for the future expansion of the jail.

The board will vote on the cost estimate in the commissioner meeting Tuesday. And if approved, they will start discussing how to finance the project. The county administration will call for Evensen Dodge, a financial firm specialized in municipal bonds, and have a workshop next week to study financing options.

The price:

Criminal justice center:

– General conditions*: $1,130,821

– Construction: $17,316,927

– Construction management fee: $1,353,349

Total: $19,801,097

14,500 square-foot addition:

– General conditions: $72,180

– Construction: $1,244,471

– Construction management fee: $101,292

Total: $1,417,943

Old courthouse renovation

– General conditions: $100,035

– Construction: $1,513,500

– Construction management fee: $139,957

Total: $1,753,492

*General conditions include temporary heating and toilets, building permits and other miscellaneous costs.

Additional Costs:

– Sound/PA/phone/voice/ data

– Contingency

– Fixtures/furniture and equipment

– County reimbursement: bidding cost, interest payments and others.