Editorial: Congrats to Eagles teams

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 13, 2002

The men’s and women’s Eagles initiation ritual teams that won national contests last week are another testament to the strength of the service club community in Albert Lea, and the members who worked hard to bring home the honors deserve congratulations.

The Eagles, which among other things stage a yearly cancer telethon to raise money for research and donate to many community causes, are one of several strong service clubs in Albert Lea, which is also home to one of the largest Elks clubs you’ll find and around a dozen other service clubs.

The Eagles members who have perfected their club’s initiation ritual have demonstrated an admirable commitment to their organization, and Eagles members as well as the community of Albert Lea can be proud of their dedication. They have helped further strengthen Albert Lea’s reputation as a community where service is important and where excellence is valued.

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