Editorial: Surge of thefts is good reason to lock property

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 19, 2002

Lock your doors.

It seems like obvious advice when it comes to preventing theft, but in Freeborn County, it’s easy to figure locking car doors, garages or even house doors is not as important as elsewhere. This isn’t the big city, after all. Many of us are comfortable with the idea that we can trust our neighbors.

But anywhere, there are a few people who will take advantage of the chance to steal what they can. Anything from car stereos to other merchandise in a vehicle, to lawn mowers or motorcycles out of a garage can become the target of theft.

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Albert Lea police are warning the public about a wave of such crimes in July and reminding residents to keep their valuables safe. That could mean something as simple as locking the car doors or getting a bike lock.

One of the things that people appreciate about living in Freeborn County is the small-town life. It’s unfortunate that some of that feel has to be taken away by thieves who will take whatever they can get their hands on.

But although it would be nice to be able to trust that others will keep their hands off our property, the best policy is to play it safe. The police department says most of these thefts are crimes of opportunity. Remove the opportunity, and you probably prevent the crime.