Albert Lean tops Austin’s Goergen in final round of Shortstop

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 3, 2002

More than once, it looked like Chris Baas would send everyone home early from the 74th Annual Shortstop Golf Tournament.

He needed all 18 holes. And almost needed more.

Baas held off a charging Scott Goergen 1-up to win Minnesota’s longest-running match play tournament that concluded Monday at Albert Lea Golf Club.

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It was the second Shortstop title in a row and third in the last four years for Baas, 25. Afterward, he admitted he had hoped to win it earlier than the 18th hole but that tough putting conditions &045; and an opponent who refused to go away &045; prevented it.

&uot;I didn’t put him away at all,&uot; said Baas. &uot;My putting kind of struggled down the stretch. I was probably misreading the greens if anything.&uot;

Goergen, meanwhile, wowed the gallery of 200-plus spectators with a sensational short game.

&uot;The guy can get up and down from a garbage can if he has to,&uot; said Baas. &uot;His short game is phenomenal.&uot;

And Baas did not want to see that short game on the final three holes.

&uot;I didn’t want to play 16, 17 and 18, because anything can happen there,&uot; said Baas. &uot;They’re three of the better finishing holes around.&uot;

And Goergen finished strong, putting a tough bunker shot on the green and sinking about a 25-foot putt on the final hole, forcing Baas to make his short putt for the win.

&uot;He beat me, flat out, I didn’t lose it,&uot; said Goergen, of Austin. &uot;That’s a lot better feeling than losing it.&uot;

It was the first Shortstop finals appearance for Goergen, 33. He’s been among the final four twice and was last year’s Presidential Flight winner.

&uot;It was a blast, I had a real fun time,&uot; said Goergen. &uot;I like match play.&uot;

&uot;I’d like to thank everyone who came out to watch again,&uot; said Baas. &uot;I always appreciate that. It makes it entertaining for us.&uot;

The top finishers, by flight:

– Championship &045; 1. Chris Baas; 2. Scott Goergen; 3. Brett Miller; 4. Jeremy Dudycha; consolation, Matt Reeck;

– Presidential &045; 1. Jason Williams; 2. Steve Wright; consolation, Andy Petersen;

– Executive &045; 1. Greg Posthumus; 2. Rich Schrader; consolation, Adam Olson;

– First flight &045; 1. Tom Falk; 2. Vance Mickelson; consolation, Mark Langan;

– Second flight &045; 1. Brad Johnson; 2. Ryan Anderson; consolation, Gar Petersen;

– Third flight &045; 1. Terry Adams; 2. Brad Adams; consolation, Joe Sczublewski;

– Fourth flight &045; 1. Brian Clonse; 2. Gordon Swanberg; consolation, Brett Doyle;

– Fifth flight &045; 1. Eric Lorentzen; 2. Dave Fligge; consolation, Dutch Van Proosdy;

– Sixth flight &045; 1. Kent Klocek; 2. Mark Habben; consolation, Chris Diggins;

– Seventh flight &045; 1. Steve Foss; 2. Jeff Schulz; consolation, Ed Schlede;

– Eighth flight &045; 1. Mark Holmes; 2. Rich Newman; consolation, Al Toft.