Editorial: School board elections will be important

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 16, 2002

In a community where the public schools have been a source of controversy and bad feelings for some residents, it’s a good sign that many people have shown interest in this year’s school-board elections. It will be good for the Albert Lea school district if those candidates engage in a vigorous, healthy and visible dialogue over the next two months, allowing residents to make sound judgments about who they trust to stand at the helm of the school.

With school operations under a microscope after years of declining enrollment and the budget cuts that come with it, choosing school board representatives the people have faith in is more important than ever.

There will be many important offices up for election this November, and most of them traditionally get more attention than the school board. But at this time especially, it’s crucial that voters take the opportunity to get to know the candidates and make choices with which they are confident.

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