ALMC puts off closing of Alden satellite clinic

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 24, 2002

The Alden clinic of the Mayo Health System will be staying open a bit longer than expected.

Patricia Hareid, a spokeswoman for Albert Lea Medical Center, said that setting a date for the closing of the Alden Clinic has been postponed indefinitely.

A press release sent out by Hareid said the date has been postponed while the system is &uot;assessing emerging health-care environment considerations.&uot;

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The news comes after a summer of speculation about the clinic’s future ended with Mayo saying the clinic would be closed.

Dr. Ruben Schmidt, a former doctor at the clinic, has been one of the biggest advocates of keeping the clinic open.

“We are very happy with their decision to keep it open,&uot; said Schmidt.

The system had considered shutting down the Alden branch and combining it with the Wells clinic.

The press release said, &uot;Alden Clinic staff is currently working with Wells Clinic staff to share staff and resources to provide value-added resources to the patients they serve.&uot;

Hareid made it clear that the postponement of the choosing of a closing date did not mean that the clinic would neccesarily remain open permanently.