Pawlenty restarts his campaign

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 31, 2002

GOP candidate for governor Tim Pawlenty resumed his campaign tour and visited Albert Lea Wednesday, after suspending activities for the tragic death of Senator Paul Wellstone.

&uot;We are in position to win this race,&uot; Pawlenty said, referring to an opinion poll published on Star Tribune Wednesday. The result shows that Pawlenty has 33 percent support, leading Roger Moe of the DFL by 4 percent and Tim Penny of the Independence Party by 14 percent. &uot;This is consistent with the polling trend we’ve seen for the last couple of weeks.&uot;

Pawlenty clearly set his target on Moe and said, &uot;This race is not about a leadership and ideas from 30 years ago. That’s what you are being offered by the other side of this race. He was elected when I was in a grade school.&uot;

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Pawlenty’s tactics to beat Moe seems to be taking votes from Penny.

&uot;We want to reach out to Penny’s supporters and ask them to consider joining our team,&uot; Pawlenty said. &uot;If they evaluate the choice between Senator Moe and myself, I think they will find that we are closer to their views on many issues than the senator.&uot;

Familiar GOP pledges such as no tax increases, creation of a better job climate, accountability in education and tax-free zones in rural Minnesota, among others, were reiterated by Pawlenty, who said his approach is the best for this difficult economy in particular.