Area cities, towns choose new leaders, pass new laws

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Mayor and city council races in towns around the area showed some change, but very little.

The Clarks Grove mayor’s race gave incumbent Bruce Hansen a 272-to-128 victory over Tom Jensen. For city council, incumbent Bill May won one seat with 284 votes and Dick Nelson won the other seat with 270 votes. Scott Juveland received 135 votes.

In Clarks Grove, voters also legalized liquor sales in town, 222 to 180.

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Bricelyn had three mayor candidates. David Wertjes took the seat with 155 seats to Bob Carroll’s 131 votes and Tom Sens’ 41 votes.

In Wells, David Jacobson was victorious in the mayors race with 737 votes to Mark Garver’s 293 votes. For city council Ron Gaines, with 648 votes, and Jack Carroll, with 515 votes, beat out Arnold Groskreutz, who had 451 votes, and Rick Meyer, who had 393 votes.

In Alden,

incumbents faced no opposition. Mayor Richard Borge and city council Incumbents Betsy Schultz and Scott Bute all will return to their seats.

Conger’s incumbent mayor squeaked out a 42-to-39 victory over Carla Lindeman. On the city council, Arlen Ditlevson and Gary Richter took 59 and 65 votes, respectively. While there were five other candidates, none of them received more than four votes.

Emmons will have incumbent Paul Henschel as their mayor for another term. Joe Lair and Maynard Erickson took the two city council seats, defeating Mark Heggestad.

Freeborn’s mayor and city councilors will remain the same as mayor Dale Johannsen, and councilors Bill Guggisberg and DeAnn Goette all ran unopposed.

Geneva had no mayors’ race this year, but the city will have two newcomers: James Beenken and Dennis O’Neil, who ran unopposed, as their new councilors.

In Glenville, the two-contestant race for mayor gave incumbent Wes Webb the victory with 255 votes over newcomer Joe Shaunce’s 78 votes. For city council, two seats were filled by the only two candidates, incumbent Ron Rasmusson and newcomer Keith Weiss.

The Glenville-Emmons school board election was won by Steve Heideman, Jeff Baumann and Tammy Cech.

Hayward’s mayor, Willis Pfeiffer, was uncontested in the race and will serve another term. Incumbent Carol Becker was defeated by newcomer Kimberly Nelson for the only seat open on the city council.

Hollandale will be served for another term by current mayor Ted Radke as well as city councilors Richard Veldman and Robert Asper, who ran uncontested.

In Manchester, newcomer Julie K. Hanson-Haukoos defeated Incumbent Bruce Vaith with a 16-to-13 victory. City councilors Rueben Foth and Adrian Jensen, both incumbents, were uncontested winners.

Twin Lakes will keep the same people in office: incumbent mayor Debra L. Miller and incumbent city councilors Sandy Sletten and Pat Neilon were all re-elected.

In Glenville and Hayward voters rejected an ordinance to legalize Sunday liquor licenses. In Glenville 188 turned down the legalization while 173 supported it. In Hayward 75 rejected while 59 supported the law.