Editorial: Do-not-call list can cut down, not end, calls

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 7, 2002

Minnesota has a new law that’s sure to please plenty of people tired of answering calls from people pitching products over the phone. The state &uot;do not call&uot; list is officially online, and it can take any Minnesotan’s phone number off telemarketers’ lists.

Just as people should have the right to take their name off lists for unsolicited junk mail, they should have the ability to keep unwanted phone calls from coming in. Now, anybody who violates their wishes can be fined heavily, and that should be a strong deterrent.

There are loopholes; not included are non-profit organizations, political organizations, businesses with a prior relationship with the customer (such as banks, credit card companies and telephone companies) and businesses that do not complete the sale over the phone, but rather complete the transaction in a face-to-face setting (such as home repair services, lawn services, and mortgage companies).

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That’s an awful lot of sellers who can still call you, even if you’re on the list, so those who sign up should have realistic expectations. But being on the list should cut down the number of telemarketing calls you receive.

To sign up, Minnesota residents can visit this Web site:, or call 1(800) 921-4110.

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