Hockey coach teaches on- and off-ice skills

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 13, 2003

Mike Gordon hopes he is able to pass on some life skills as he teaches his players to become better skaters, puck handlers and shooters.

Gordon is the head coach of the Albert Lea U-12 girls traveling hockey team. Gordon became involved with coaching 15 years ago when his son was involved with youth hockey. Both of Gordon’s sons went on to play high school hockey and have moved on to other things. Gordon has continued to stay involved with youth hockey. He started coaching the girls’ team five years ago.

Gordon doesn’t coach girls any differently than he would coach a boys team.

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“The goals are the same: to teach kids to play good hockey,” he said.

Gordon wants to be there for his players as a mentor, whether it is on the ice or off it.

“You are able to influence a young mind in a positive manner,” he said. “I just enjoy it.”

The team either has practice or a game four to six times a week, but Gordon doesn’t minding spending a lot of his free time at the rink.

“We as adults should give up some of our personal time and put into the youth,” he said.

Gordon credits his assistants with helping making the team a success. He feels that the coaches, players and parents have a camaraderie that they would not find anywhere else.

If you interested in joining or helping out the Albert Lea Hockey Association, stop by the City Arena for more information.