Editorial: WAR Support troops, hope for a short conflict

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 20, 2003

After so many months of buildup, there is no longer any question. War has begun, and there is no turning back.

The precision missle strike that opened the conflict about 90 minutes after President Bush’s deadline passed Wednesday night was the first volley fired in a war that military officials say will &uot;shock and awe&uot; the Iraqis.

Those who had held out hope for peace can now only hope for a short war, with minimal U.S. and civilian casualties. And we must hope and pray that our Department of Homeland Security can protect Americans from terrorist reprisals on our soil, now that war has begun.

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We have every reason to have full confidence that our troops, the best in the world, will make us proud, and although many don’t believe this war is right, most everyone can agree that America must unite behind its soldiers and support them and the families and friends who watch, powerlessly, as war unfolds and their loved ones are put in harm’s path.

The outcome remains to be seen, but Bush has made it clear this war will not be over until the threat from Iraq is removed. We hope that happens, and that when it’s all done, we can look back on a war that made the world a safer place.

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