ALHS grad named football captain at Crown College

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 2, 2003

To some people, being a captain of any team means they are looked to and respected for the time and effort put forth for the team. Three years worth of blood sweat and dedication. But for Albert Lea High School graduate Andrew Davis, these views of him come after just two years at his current school, Crown College.

&uot;I was honored that the team looked up to me enough to have me lead the team as a junior,&uot; said Davis. &uot;I wasn’t expecting to be a captain because there are other older guys on the team, but the hope was always in the back of my mind.&uot;

Davis believes his previous experience as a Tiger captain at ALHS contributed to his recently acquired captain position. Davis has also racked up an impressive resume that led to him being a captain as a junior. Davis’ other accomplishments include: All-conference honorable mention, academic all-conference, first in team competition, and making the dean’s list thus far.

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Davis feels there are other reasons his teammates elected him to lead the team this fall, his outgoing personality and competitive nature among them, but most important, he said, is his relationship with God.

Davis believes the his teammates look up to him for these reasons.

&uot;The other guys must look up to me on a spiritual level in order to lead the team,&uot; said Davis. &uot;Our school’s main focus is glorifying God in all we do. We have the same focus on the football field. I believe that how you play the game is far more important than if you win or lose, even though everyone wants to win.&uot;

As any captain would, Davis has goals set for the season, including trying to get the most of each player and try to set new team records while having a good time doing it. Davis also wants to motivate his teammates in all ways.

&uot;As I seek to motivate my teammates, the main focus is to get them to grow in their relationship with God,&uot; said Davis. &uot;Getting them to be a great football player only lasts a few years, but getting them to a deeper relationship with God can affect many people for all eternity.&uot;

Davis’ season as captain starts in Chihuahua, Mexico as the team will be there for competition Aug. 7-14. A couple challenges will be against St. John’s University and UMAC. One game this season will also be highlighted on ESPN.