Larger fountain is in the works

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 16, 2003

A fountain more than six times the size of the current one in Fountain Lake may find a home there, along with three smaller accent fountains.

A group of citizens called Friends for Fountains plans to raise $20,000 for the new fountain over the next four months, hoping it will be installed in the spring. The current fountain has a three-quarter horsepower motor; if the group meets their goal, the new one will have five horsepower and shoot up 20 feet like a geyser.

&uot;It’s a pretty big fountain. It’s something that will grab you when drive,&uot; said Jim Fobair, a member of the group.

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&uot;If we surpass our goal, then we’d like to put in an even bigger one, something really awesome,&uot; he said, saying that a 30-foot fountain is possible.

He said the current fountain, installed this summer, disappointed some people, and that the new one will be a focal point for the lake. The current one is small and sometimes scatters in the wind, people have complained.

John Petersen, who headed up the effort for the first fountain, said the fountain looks small because of the size of the lake. &uot;If it were sitting in a small pond, it’d look different,&uot; he said.

He said he knows that $20,000 is a lot but believes it’s attainable.

He said he was pleased to have so many people involved in the new project.

&uot;It started out as a small idea, and it sort of took off,&uot; he said.

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