Editorial: Consistent standard should be sought

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 15, 2004

Withdrawing its loan request from the city was a good choice by the Chamber of Commerce.

And kudos to the local banks which will help fund the Chamber’s return to a more visible location.

The council is also on the right track to review past loan approvals, such as they are doing with Albert Lea Listens.

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We hope residents will allow the councilors this learning opportunity, accept that previous loans may not have met qualifications, but at this point, they are moot.

The council should be familiar with rules for loaning money from its revolving fund and hopefully will create a policy based on those rules in the very near future.

Council member George Marin was right on two counts &045; councilors make decisions in good faith and mistakes should be made right.

In this case, creating a policy would give council members the guidelines they need to make future decisions in good faith and according to a consistent standard.

This is what they should strive to accomplish.