Editorial: Development efforts must continue

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 24, 2004

Talk about excitement. The announcement earlier this week that Quality Pork Producers was coming to town, bringing 200 jobs, was exciting.

We welcome the corporation to the community &045; QPP

has an excellent reputation as responsible corporate citizens.

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Finalizing the deal with the company is a feather in the caps of economic development officals and must have felt pretty darned good after a number of failed attempts with other corporations.

Economic development is perhaps one of the most thankless jobs &045; there are few rewards for a whole ton of work, and if there are no results, criticism runs rampant.

However, competition among cities vying for businesses is fierce and when a community looses a bid, it can be demoralizing &045; for the community and the people who worked so hard to make a deal.

When these people have a victory, though, the whole community benefits and such will be the case with Quality Pork Producers. We hope development officials shared a glass of champagne to celebrate.

We also hope that the promise of 200 jobs won’t stop a continued proactive approach to draw businesses to Albert Lea.

We encourage our development people who worked so hard to celebrate and enjoy the moment &045; but caution them against resting on their laurels. They must continue to work hard to bring businesses to Albert Lea to build a solid foundation of economic prosperity to its residents.

Perhaps we are preaching to the choir &045; the folks who work to bring new enterprises to the community are also residents who benefit when Albert Lea is a leader.