Editorial: Decide early to avoid drinking and driving

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 23, 2004

Last week, Mark Lovell was changed with vehicular homicide in the death of one-year-old Cloe Jauregui, who died when the car she was riding in with her parents and siblings, was hit by Lovell.

A blood test following the crash showed Lovell had a .10 blood alcohol level.

What a senseless tragedy and our condolences go out to the Jauregui family.

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Increased alcohol impairment awareness efforts have been in place for the past 25 years at least, and there is just no excuse for such deaths to happen in society today.

Except that some people think they are atypical of all the statistics; or they have no respect for human life; or they believe they are above the law.

Granted, judgement is impaired when one drinks, but the decision to drive when alcohol is consumed should be made long before the first sip.

A recent program at the high school &045; Every 15 Minutes &045; highlighted the need and importance of making that choice early and following through with the decision. An accident staged for students showed the reality of death when we make the wrong choice. There is only one possible correct choice to be made when drinking &045; don’t drive.

For the sake of life &045; in particular other motorists and their passengers &045;decide not to drink and drive &045; ever.