Freeborn County cities elect mayors, councilors

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 4, 2004

Freeborn County residents in area communities also voted to elect mayors and council members in Tuesday’s general election. Here’s a rundown of those results.

Alden mayor: Current Mayor Richard Borge received 93 votes out of the 218 write-in votes for Alden Tuesday and will serve another term.

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Council members: Steven Newman won the seat with 338 votes and Jerry Reyerson also won a seat with 89 write-in votes.

Geneva mayor: Two main candidates were identified with write-in votes. Jon Warnke received 107 votes in Geneva’s election Tuesday. Runner-up James Hagen received 70 votes. Geneva City Clerk Nancy Cornelius said the city has never had to do a write-in for the mayoral election before.

Twin Lakes mayor: Joel Schwarz won the election with 92 percent of total votes, gaining 72 votes of the total 75, the remaining three votes were write-ins, earning 4 percent.

Council members: Sarah A. Attig won with 64 votes, gaining 58.18 percent; Jeanne B. Epland also won with 40 votes at 36.36 percent. Remaining votes were write-in candidates with one holding four votes at 3.64 percent and the other, two votes at 1.82 percent.