Editorial: Following fishing laws ensures a better season

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 19, 2005

Minnesota prides itself on its fishing resources.

That’s why it’s disappointing that the top two fishing violations reported by conservation officers involved anglers fishing without a license in their possession or fishing without even purchasing a license.

While Department of Natural Resources officials say that some cases involve honest mistakes, other violations are clearly intentional and result from people trying to save a few bucks. And that, too, is disappointing when an annual resident license costs $17, and a nonresident annual license is $34. That’s certainly not too much money to pay to enjoy and use this precious resource for an entire year.

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After all, there is a clear connection between buying a license and ensuring that this opportunity continues into the future. License fees go toward protecting and improving the resource and habitat.

And anyone who wants to enjoy Minnesota’s angling opportunities ought to help pay for it.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse. The Minnesota Fishing Regulations Booklet is available at all places that sell licenses and at area DNR offices. And the DNR’s Web site at is available to many anglers planning their next fishing trip.

Anglers should know purchasing a fishing license is mandatory. And it’s mandatory, similar to Minnesota driver’s licenses, to carry the license with them whenever they exercise this privilege.

It’s incumbent on Minnesotans who enjoy fishing to familiarize themselves with state regulations. Such regulations help ensure that the resource will be there for future generations of anglers.

Following these regulations will ensure a better fishing season for us all.

&045; The Daily Journal (International Falls)