Editorial: Canceling plan to charge for camp good idea

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Minnesota Vikings’ most recent decision to scrap a plan to charge fans to attend training camp practices was perhaps the smartest one of the season &045; secondary only to trading Randy Moss earlier this year.

While selling tickets for special events such as scrimmages is common throughout the NFL and is reasonable, the Vikings would have been the only team to charge admission to practices &045; 30 in all.

Not only would fans have been penalized to watch their home football team, but the organization would have cut its own throat as well

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by allowing scouts, who are allowed to attend all events at which tickets are sold, into the camp. The team can’t afford to give away the ship before it hits the field in regular season, nor can it afford &045; given its lackluster

record of the past two seasons &045; to anger fans during preseason. Fickle fans could make the reality of a stadium less likely.

Kudos to new owner Zygi Wilf, who &045; after a multitude of fans expressed their displeasure with the fee &045; said he’d pick up the tab for the cost of fans attending regular practices.

Let’s hope fans respond kindly and won’t dwell on the initial decision by the Vikings organization to charge a fee for watching practices and let’s hope all the coaching decisions this season are as smart as rescinding this fee.