Car crashes into house, four dead

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 10, 2005

TOWN OF SUPERIOR, Wis. (AP) &045; A car carrying five elderly people went airborne at the bottom of a hill and flew into a house, killing four women and seriously injuring the driver.

The Ford Contour rammed through Jeff Christman’s bedroom at about 6 p.m. Saturday. Christman was hit by the bedroom door as he was walking in.

&8221;I went flying and got knocked out but I’m fine,&8220; Christman, 48, told The Associated Press. &8221;It scared me. There was a big boom like a bomb went off.&8220;

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His wife Nancy, 44, who works the night shift, had gotten out of bed 15 minutes earlier, he said.

&8221;She would have been dead if she would have been sleeping. The car was totally in my bedroom, totally,&8220; he said.

The Christmans live at the intersection of Wisconsin Highway 35 and Douglas County Road B with their German shepherd, Loki, who was also sent flying by the crash, Christman said.

Town of Superior Fire Chief Brian Laverdiere told The Associated Press that the car was coming down a steep hill, sped through a busy intersection at the hill’s end and went airborne for about 100 feet. It took out a mailbox and small tree, hit a pine tree and plowed into the house, Laverdiere said Sunday.

&8221;It went airborne and didn’t touch the ground until it went into the house,&8220; he said.

Three elderly women in the back seat died on the scene and a man and woman in the front were taken to hospitals, Laverdiere said.

Sheriff Tom Dalbec told The Associated Press Sunday that the woman in the front seat died later Saturday and the man was seriously hurt, but he didn’t know his condition Sunday.

The couple in front were married and two of the women in the back seat were the man’s sisters, he said. All were over 70 years old and from the Superior area.

&8221;The family took a big hit, Dalbec said.

Dalbec said they were coming from a church dinner.

The Christmans were getting ready to leave for a gathering at Jeff Christman’s brother’s house when the crash occurred.

Nancy Christman was in the kitchen getting things ready for the party.

Jeff Christman said the man’s son had told him his father was over 90 years old and used a pacemaker.