Editorial: Christmas shouldn’t be anonymous

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Taking the word Christmas out of the holidays is simply silly and we won’t follow the rabid left in removing it from our vocabulary.

We will continue to wish our acquaintances, families and friends &8220;Merry Christmas&8221; as long as people continue to identify Christ’s resurrection as Easter.

There are names for each of the holidays celebrated in this country and Christmas is the word identified with the upcoming one. Why should any of us make this particular holiday anonymous?

The reason for the holiday centers around the birth of Christ, a sacred event for Christians. Trying to make the holiday PC simply shouldn’t be done.

Sure, people the world over, Americans more so perhaps, have attached far more meaning to the secular aspects of the season, but the fact remains Christmas is a Christian commemoration.

Non-Christians, atheists and those who acknowledge a different higher power are welcome to ignore that which goes against their beliefs during this holiday season, but don’t ask Christians to do the same.

And let’s get off this kick year after year. If we were to look hard enough, there’s plenty going on in today’s society to offend. Tolerance, in many cases, must be encouraged.