Editorial: Pawlenty’s initiative welcomed

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 5, 2005

Illegal immigration is a growing concern nationally, but also locally, and Gov. Tim Pawlenty was in Worthington last week to address illegal immigrants and their impact in Worthington and Nobles County.

Worthington is one of the most racially diverse communities in Minnesota, and on balance the addition of minorities has benefited our town. With every passing year, native Worthingtonians have learned to better appreciate newcomers, and minorities have grown more comfortable with making this their home.

But that’s not to say there haven’t been problems to overcome, and Pawlenty’s visit reminds us that there is still much to be done to improve situations southwest Minnesota faces regarding illegal immigration.

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On Monday, President Bush said he wants to get tougher on illegal immigration. But throughout his presidency, he has tried to have it both ways. He has talked tough on illegal immigration but has done practically nothing to stem the illegal tide. His policy so far &045; with his dominant eye peeled on political considerations &045; has been one of appeasement.

But if the president still doesn’t get it, perhaps Pawlenty does. In advance of his trip to Worthington on Tuesday, the governor said in a conference call with the Daily Globe, &8220;Illegal immigration in our country is a major concern. And it’s out of control. We have to have a system that is legal, is functioning and is orderly. And the system now is broken.&8221;

Pawlenty said he appreciates the beacon that America provides to those who wish to enter this country &8220;as long as it is legal and orderly. And what we have now is neither.&8221;

We agree. And we look to President Bush and Congress to get more serious about policing our porous borders.

&045; Worthington Daily Globe