Editorial: Graduation should be time for happiness

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 9, 2006

As graduation season approaches, we remind students and graduates alike not to drink and drive during this season of celebration.

It’s an exciting time for high school seniors as they approach a new phase of their lives.

However, while they may be taking a huge step into adulthood, the truth is, they’re still not old enough to drink alcohol legally.

Thus, we urge parents hosting graduation parties and open houses to be responsible. Don’t serve to anyone under the legal age, and if you must serve alcohol to adults at a graduation party, make sure no one under the influence of alcohol drives away. The best course of action is to refrain from serving alcohol to anyone at a party to celebrate a high school graduation.

Graduation should only be a time for happy memories. No one should have to deal with the sadness of a death of a loved one due to a drunken driver coming from a graduation party.

Nightmares like that can be prevented.