Editorial: Superstars or winning team? A tough choice

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 1, 2006

Sometimes, people are just too quick to criticize. Sports pundits think the Vikings did well in the NFL draft with Iowa linebacker Chad Greenway but did a lot of gambling after that.

Oh yeah, that sounds real smart. &8220;A football team gambled in the draft.&8221; That’s real insightful.

Moreover, many of the armchair experts felt the Vikings should have traded up for runningback LenDale White. Plus, they criticize the Vikes for picking unknowns.

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Look, why don’t we let new Vikings coach Brad Childress and veep of player personnel Fran Foley build a team of Vikings? They are not looking for the next superstar distraction, such as a Randy Moss. They are looking for Vikings, people with the right stuff to work well on a team level. That’s how the New England Patriots play. No big egos. No Terrell Owens types making big headlines.

Often, the better players are ones not surrounded in hype. Scouts look for talent that the media doesn’t see. Jerry Rice was a gamble. Tim Couch was a sure bet. Rice is headed for the hall of fame. Couch is sitting on the couch.

And who was Tom Brady?A sixth-round pick.

Drafts are a great unknown. People say the Vikings gambled? Well, yes, it’s the draft. All the teams gambled. Duh!

We get the feeling the Vikings have ushered in a new atmosphere, one where the decisions don’t float on the flotsam and jetsam of media hype and public opinion &045; that’s how the Vikings got Moss and Daunte Culpepper. Sure, superstars sells tickets. But so does a winning team.

Hmm. Winning team or superstars? We’ll take the winning team.

We are surprised more pundits can’t see that.