Audubon Science Center: Getting to know reptiles

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 17, 2006

Story and photos by Adam Hammer

How do snakes eat? Do all lizards have legs? Where do turtles lay eggs?

Children and parents alike had many questions for James Gerholdt,

an author and teacher who tours the Midwest giving presentations on reptiles titled The Remarkable Reptiles.

Gerholdt gave his presentation Saturday at the Audubon Science Center for their grand opening event.

&8220;This is a lot of fun and interaction,&8221; Gerholdt said. &8220;It’s really great to get a crowd like this that’s interested.&8221;

Gerholdt takes his show to many venues including daycares for show-and-tells and libraries.

The grand opening at the science center was free and open to the public.