Editorial: A bumpity bumpity reminder

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 10, 2006

Bumpity bumpity bumpity bump.

That’s what it feels like when we drive over the multiple railroad tracks over Minnesota Highway 13 on the west side of Albert Lea.

There are bumpy railroad crossings, and then there are bumpity bumpity bumpity railroad crossings. The Highway 13 crossings qualify for the latter sort. Quality shock absorbers, excellent suspension and perhaps even four-wheel drive are good features for motor vehicles trying to cross the tracks.

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Let’s hope the Minnesota Department of Transportation knows about the bumpy crossings &045; er, we mean bumpity bumpity bumpity crossings &045; and includes plans to upgrade the roadway where it meets tracks on Highway 13 in the coming year, whether or not the state constitutional amendment passes this fall.