Editorial: We knew Twins could do it!

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 7, 2006

So the Twins are ahead of the White Sox in the hunt for a Wild Card slot in the American League playoffs.

We just want to point out that we knew they could do it.

Knock on wood.

On June 15, when other newspapers wrote them off as &8220;out of contention,&8221; we wrote an editorial about Jason Kubel&8217;s grand slam in the 12th inning of a game on June 13 to beat the Boston Red Sox. It was a game where Johan Santana struck out 13 hitters in a pitching duel with Curt Shilling.

We asked people to not give up on the Twins. We wrote: &8220;The team is playing for the sake of playing. This young bunch is giving fans something to watch, perhaps a sign of promise for next year.&8221;

Then on July 6, we wrote an editorial that compared Twins with the team in the movie &8220;Major League.&8221; We wrote: &8220;In the movie, it took time for the teammates to gel as a team. For the Twins, it took time for these wild things to get their act together, too.&8221;

And we reminded fans of the 2003 Seattle Mariners, who were the best in team in baseball at the All-Star break but failed to make the postseason. In early July, there&8217;s a lot of baseball to be played.

The Twins have taught Minnesota not to write them off because of a bad start.

Besides, isn&8217;t a strong finish what wins championships?

Go Twins!