Editorial: In Ward 4 throw darts at the ballot

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The race for Albert Lea City Council Ward 4 involves two young men. One, Reid Olson, works at Home Solutions Midwest. The other, Lanier Pratt, is a landlord and runs a lawn-care business.

When the next generation of leaders steps forward, it is good for a community. In this case, however, we endorse neither candidate. After evaluating both, we can&8217;t see fit to pick one candidate over the other. We further suggest both candidates do more homework on city issues.

Olson has lived in Albert Lea for his life and as a result knows people in the city a little better than Pratt. Pratt has two businesses, has invested in the community and as a result knows how City Hall works a little better than Olson.

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But pit the two against each other and neither stand out as the right representative for Ward 4.

Pratt has done more campaigning than Olson. Pratt seems to want the position more. Even so,

both could spend more time on their campaigns and talking to people. It almost seems like a popularity vote more than an election. Like voting for a homecoming king in high school, they are running on names more than issues.

City Council is the city&8217;s legislative body. It&8217;s an important job. We thank Pratt and Olson for putting their hats in the ring. That&8217;s more than most people.

But we can&8217;t help but wish stronger candidates had come forward in Ward 4.

We hope we are proven wrong on this one, and we hope the winner becomes an outstanding community leader.