Column: Outrageous and sad

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Scott Schmeltzer, Guest Column

This week I am going to criticize a couple of former NFL football players that, in my mind, need to wake up to reality.

The first former player is O.J. Simpson. Simpson has plans for a book titled &8220;If I did it&8221; and the basis of the book is an account of how Simpson describes how he would have committed the 1994 slayings of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman if he were the one responsible.

Are you kidding me!

Do you really want to go down that road again?

If you recall, Simpson was acquitted in 1995 of that murder in a trial that raised racial tensions across the United States.

The publisher of the book company, Judith Regan, is quoted as saying Simpson came to her with the idea for the book.

Are you out of money O.J.?

Are you tired from searching for the &8220;real killers&8221; as you proposed to do after the original trial? Golf game a little slow?

I personally think that every cent that this book makes, and sadly it will, should go to the families of Nicole and Ronald.

O.J. first made a mockery out of the court system and now he is making a fool out of anyone that will buy that book.

Can you tell me what could possibly be gained by telling people how you would have killed them? Is this a confession?

If it is please pick up your &8220;straight to jail card&8221; as opposed to the &8220;get out of jail free card&8221; that you received when you monopolized the courts back in 1995.

I just do not understand you O.J. and maybe that&8217;s good, because if I did that would mean I think like you and you know what &045; that&8217;s bad!

Editor&8217;s note: Simpson&8217;s book and the purposed television special have been canceled.

Randy Moss is my second NFL player that needs to wake up.

This past week Randy said that he needs to be happy on the field to do well and to be happy means throwing the ball more to him.

He said the dropped balls over the last few weeks are basically a result of him not being happy.

Note to Mr. Randy Moss &045; you are paid millions and millions of dollars to play a kids game, if that is not enough to make you happy, please join us here in the real world and let&8217;s see what amount of money you can make with your skills.

I would like to see Randy Moss put his life on the line like our brave soldiers are doing everyday.

Do you think they are happy? Probably not but you do not see them complaining about happiness when they are defending our country.

Do you know why they are not complaining? Because they have heart, yes heart, something that apparently millions and millions of dollars cannot buy?

Mr. Moss I think you need to go back to your kids game and play every single down like it was your last play ever, because I just can’t seem to find anyone that can sympathize with a

multimillionaire that can’t keep a smile on his face or stay motivated unless his team bows to his wishes.

I am so sorry that these two players, who could have had a positive impact on society, ended up like this.

It is sad.

It is a waste.

It makes me sick.

Thanks for listening.

(Scott Schmeltzer is the publisher of the Albert Lea Tribune. His regular column appears on Thursdays.)