Editorial: Christmas is around corner

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 24, 2006

Tomorrow is Nov. 25. There is one month until Christmas. Do not panic. Remain calm. There is plenty of time to get everything done you need to do before the big fat elf comes sliding down the chimney.

Here is a checklist:

– Make a list of people you need to buy presents for. Scribble down ideas for presents. Maybe

even include a dollar figure so you can stay within a budget.

– Buy the presents. Wrap the presents. The sooner you get this done, the happier you will be for the rest of the Christmas season.

– Get the holiday lights up on the house and turn them on each night. This is a good way to work off all that turkey.

– Buy a Christmas tree and decorate it. (The weekend after Thanksgiving might be the biggest shopping weekend but the second weekend after Thanksgiving is the biggest for purchasing Christmas trees.)

– Be sure to donate to your favorite charities. It is good to teach your children the importance of helping others. Remind them how greed is a selfish behavior.

– Check your calendar for upcoming events: church dinners, pageants, school concerts and Christmas Eve services.

– Read the Christmas story in scriptures to your children or to yourself. Need a suggestion? Kids seem to like the story of the three wisemen in Matthew, Chapter 2.

– Speaking of travel, make sure you have your Christmas journey planned. Check for weather forecasts as the big day comes close.

– Relax, and remember, this is the time of year for goodwill. Be the better person. Be a good neighbor. Be a friend to everyone. Be understanding.