Editorial: Just a thought on U.S. 65

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 21, 2006

With the passage of the state transportation amendment in the election earlier this month, we hope the state sees fit to repair U.S. Highway 65 from Albert Lea to the Minnesota border with Iowa.

The route is a means for Iowa folks in Northwood, Kensett, Manly and Mason City to drive north to Glenville and Albert Lea. It&8217;s shorter than taking Interstate 35. In Iowa,

the U.S. 65 roadway is smooth. After crossing into Minnesota, the roadway becomes wavy and cracked.

It&8217;s a prime example of Minnesota letting its rural roads flounder while Iowa takes care of its countryside.

Legislators Robin Brown, Dan Sparks, take note. Here&8217;s a good project for you.