Editorial: Take good care of your teeth

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 5, 2007

We thought you might like to know some statistics on the oral health of Minnesota. These numbers come from the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Ga.:

– 79 percent of the population visited the dentist or dental clinic within the past year.

– 78.7 percent of the population had their teeth cleaned by a dentist or dental hygienist within the past year.

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– 14.3 percent of the population 65-plus have lost all of their teeth.

– 38.3 percent of the population 65-plus have six or more teeth.

– 98.4 percent of the population on public water systems is receiving fluoridated water.

Comparatively, Minnesota is second best in the country for visiting the dentist, slightly behind Connecticut. Look at some of the states snowbirds head to: 66.4 percent of Floridians visited a dentist or dental clinic in the past year. Florida is 66.4 percent; Arizona 66.6; Texas 59.2; Alabama 67.2; Mississippi 58; Louisiana 66.3; New Mexico 66.4; California 68.7.

Teeth can last a lifetime, if properly cared for. See your dentist to get your teeth cleaned at least once a year and preferably twice a year. Brush and floss your teeth daily at home.

Good health is in the best interest of everyone, and good health includes taking proper care of your choppers.