Minnesota needs to control its spending

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 14, 2008

Minnesota needs to make a rigorous plan to bring its state spending under control and reduce the amount of spending and taxes. It is critical to remember that in the mid-&8217;60s, only about 40 years ago, the state&8217;s first $1 billion a year budget, the cost of living has gone up six times since that time, but instead of a 2007 budget of $6 to $8 million billion, we now have a state budget that&8217;s over $30 billion far in excess of reasonable and responsible spending.

The state of South Dakota has no state income tax and apparently spends about $1,200 per capita, where the state of Minnesota spends about $2,400 per capita, where and why the difference? Why can&8217;t Minnesota keep its spending under control?

The Minnesota Highway Patrol pays state troopers the same if they work in Ortonville or Orono. Teachers may be receiving radically different amounts of pay. It is critical the state of Minnesota limit the increase in total teacher and educational compensation to 1 percent year for those districts above the state average and no more than 2 percent a year for those that are below the state average.

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It is a very disturbing factor to hear that the total state educational aids that go to the city of Minneapolis amount to about $13,000 a year where in most nonmetro Minnesota it is only around $8,000. Big spending in the big city should not be rewarded.

Roads and bridges is where the current gas tax and the current sales tax on autos and auto accessories should go and more than pay for road and bridge if much of the money is not being siphoned off to mass transit largely in the Twin Cities. This must stop. No gas or other tax increase, cut taxes and spending!

The state of Minnesota unlike South Dakota, Iowa, North Dakota legalizes the taking of people&8217;s earnings against their will (as in slavery) to finance private organizations. Right-to-work laws as in South Dakota North Dakota and Iowa must also be passed for Minnesota. No forced fees dues or tribute to private groups.

Please review how Minnesota, funded education from 1900 to 1970 a period of time when Minnesota and the nation were able to go from horses to motor vehicles win two world wars, develop radio and TV and put a man on the moon. We must look at Minnesota plans 2008.

Tom Schleck

Albert Lea